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Selected Families and Individuals

Richard Tracy [Parents] was born about 1587. He married Anne Coningsby about 1610.

Anne Coningsby was born in of Hampton, Hereford, England. She married Richard Tracy about 1610.

They had the following children:

  M i Humphrey Tracy was born about 1612.
  M ii Richard Tracy
  M iii John Tracy

John Tillbrook

He had the following children:

  F i Catherine Tillbrook

Solomon Tracy [DR.] [Parents] was born 1651 in Saybrook, Middlesex, CT. He died 9 Jul 1732 in Norwich, New London, Conn. and was buried May 1732. Solomon married Lydia OR Sarah HUNTINGTON.

Other marriages:
BLISS, Sarah


Robert Rix was born about 1596 in Canning Hall, , ENG. He married Margaret.

Margaret was born about 1600. She married Robert Rix.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Rix

Edward Halle

Anne Tracy [Parents] was born about 1579 in Stanway, Gloucester, England. She married Edward Halle.

Other marriages:
Ingraham, William

Thomas Rix [Parents] was born 1622 in Canning Hall, Eng.. He died 1 Nov 1718 in Preston, New London, Conn. and was buried 1 Nov 1718. Thomas married Mrs. Margaret Ward in Salem, Essex, Mass..

Mrs. Margaret Ward was born about 1616 in Salem, Essx., MA. She died 24 May 1660 in Salem, Essex, Mass. and was buried in Salem, Essx., MA. Mrs. married Thomas Rix in Salem, Essex, Mass..

They had the following children:

  F i Remember Rix was christened 13 Oct 1650 in Salem, Essx., MA.
  M ii Remember Rix was christened 13 Oct 1650 in Salem, Essex, Mass..
  F iii Sarah Rix
  F iv Esther Rix was christened 5 Jun 1653 in Salem, Essex, Mass..
  M v Thomas Rix
  M vi James Rix

Thomas Rix [Parents] was christened 26 Aug 1655 in Salem, Essex, Mass.. He married Sushannah MARSH.

Sushannah MARSH

Richard Prince

Sarah Rix [Parents] was christened 29 Jun 1651 in Salem, Essex, Mass.. She married Richard Prince.

Samuel Tracy [Parents] was born 1654 in Norwich, N. Lon, CT. He died 11 Jan 1693. Samuel married Abigail ADGATE on 19 Sep 1682.

Abigail ADGATE married Samuel Tracy on 19 Sep 1682.

Other marriages:
Tracy, Daniel

Daniel Tracy [Parents] was born 1653 in , Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut. He died 28 Jun 1728. Daniel married Hannah BINGHAM about 4 Mar 1712.

Other marriages:
ADGATE, Abigail
BACKUS, Hannah

Hannah BINGHAM married Daniel Tracy about 4 Mar 1712.

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