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Rubber Treasures



Congratulations, you’ve booked a show!
You’re getting free merchandise, you couldn’t say ‘no’.
Here’s a tale of two hostesses…as you can see,
so listen and pick which one you would like to be:

First there was Mary so proper was she;
her invitations were written in calligraphy.
I’ll just invite 10, I don’t know too many;
I’m sure they’ll all come, so there will be plenty.
She forgot to remind them to bring a friend;
I’m not sure that many chairs will fit in my den.
Her beautiful brochures set at home on the table;
outside orders, oh, I wasn’t able.
She set a buffet fit for a king,
but forgot to give her guests a reminder ring.
The night of her show her home looked just great,
so she lit the candles and proceeded to wait.
Only one guest arrived at the workshop you see;
why, Mary wondered, does this happen to me?

And then there was Patty so excited was she;
she had already picked out her free stamps from me.
She mailed 40 invitations and then she told
many more people than her house could hold.
People wanted to know what she was talking about,
So she would quickly pull her D.O.T.S. catalog out!
She talked about the exclusive stamps, a bargain that’s for sure!
Outside orders… were no problem! Not for her!
She called them all and said, “Bring a friend,”
and don’t forget the prize you might win.
She didn’t have time to set a buffet;
She stopped by the bakery- her show was today.

They sat on her sofa, they sat on the floor,
they sat in the chairs, they stood in the door.
That house wasn’t perfect, but they laughed anyway;
they had a good time at the party that day.

The orders were completed, the stamps she wanted she won!
“Wow!” she exclaimed, “this really was fun!”

The moral of the story won’t leave you to brood;
concentrate on your guests, not on your home or the food.

Your demonstration will turn out great! Remember to enjoy the party and your guests, don’t worry about your home or your snacks just enjoy the evening!



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Cheryl Hemingway, Close To My Heart® Consultant