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Rubber Treasures


Shaker Cards

  • Start with a traditional 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" piece of 1/4" thick foam core. Note: I have found that black foam core works best for me. It gives a nice finished appearance and does not reflect light inside the shaker. Also, most craft stores will trim the board down to card size for you - saving you a step - and insuring a nice, even cut.
  • You will need plenty of exacto refill blades as foam core dulls them very quickly! Save changed blades for your regular cards, they are still viable. A sharp blade is extremely important when cutting foam core. It will give a nice smooth cut, whereas a dull blade will shred the foam core.
  • Choose two pieces of cardstock. One is for the front (your composition color) and the other for the back (or color seen through).
  • Stamp, cut the hole out and color (cut first so if you make a mistake you don't waste your coloring skills).
  • Place cover over foam core and trace hole. Then, using the exacto knife, without the cover card, trim through the foam core cutting outside your lines by 1/8" to 1/4". This will insure that your inner edges will not be seen.
  • Place back sheet under foam core and trace the hole IF you are going to stamp/decorate within the hole.
  • Stamp image inside your lines and color.
  • Glue back sheet to foam core. Edges can be trimmed when final assembly is complete.
  • Measure a piece of acetate for the shield.
  • Fill hole with shaker items, tape acetate over the hole, and tape cover card on top. Note: I like to use the Tombow tape runner adhesive for construction of shaker cards. It is very strong tape.
  • Trim edges if necessary.


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Cheryl Hemingway, Close To My Heart® Consultant