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Nancy Alexander

NICKNAME: Mom...I'm home! Are you there?


BIRTHDATE: 29 April, 1959

HAIR COLOR: dark brown

EYE COLOR: brown

FAMILY: hubby Bob, two adult step-children (Billie Sue 30,Robert 27), Jacob 16, Krystal 13, Matthew 10

JOB: Household CEO

DO YOU HAVE PETS? Yes, a mutt named Red and two lazy cats that hate each other-Jazz and Slider,who acts way too much like a dog.

OTHER INTERESTS: camping, boating and cross-country skiing. Love tennis if I can find someone to play with otherwise I end up playing raquetball by myself :)

ENJOY COOKING? yes, very much.

WHAT TYPE OF COOKING? gourmet but only on myself :) so I really don't cook gourmet that much. I do enjoy cooking international recipes especially oriental and Italian.I end up cooking all-american most of the time with that good old basic meal of macaroni and cheese and tuna casserole.

WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES? Please be as specific as possible: obviously computers! Spent my first year on the internet doing genealogy and got 3 complete family lines. I love to garden and work with flowers, especially drying and arranging them into wreaths, swags,etc. I enjoy rubber stamping and creative scrapbooking for my winter indoor hobbies.


FOOD: Anything Mexican-love those spicy ones! Italian food comes in a close second.

COLORS: medium green and rose/wine colors

HOLIDAY: Christmas and Easter-two spiritual holidays that I love to decorate and to teach my family about.

SPORTS: Baseball-father used to play major league and minor league-can't help but have a natural love for it. also enjoy watching basketball as long as my kids are playing in the game.

HOBBIES: Genealogy, exploring old, historic houses, enjoy learning about interior design and architecture.I also like to spend time with my kids in thier favorite activities-riding bikes, flying kites in the park and on the beach,swimming and bowling(during the day only).

PLACE TO VACATION: Alaska, British Columbia and the Carribean (my husband scuba dives and wants me to do it. I'd only do it if in warm water!) Been to Europe but missed going to Italy so I'd like to go back to visit that country.

SEASON: Spring


BOOKS: Mysteries and anything historical! I like Jane Austin books and anything about Ireland or England( both my ancestors country).

AUTHOR: John Grisham(trying to link him to my genealogy and am pretty close in doing so), Gerald N Lund(love those Work and Glory series), Danielle Steele, Michael Crichton and Mary Higgins Clark.

MOVIES: love those movies that goes back in time(the one Mel Gibson was in is my favorite-can't recall the name of it), comedies and some adventurous ones. I enjoy going to those silly romance ones with my girlfriends since husband likes those sci-fi and action/adventure ones.

ACTORS: Harrison Ford of course! but do like Mel Gibson and Sean Connery. Can't forget those classic ones-Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson, Cary Grant

TV SHOWS: ugh..I hate regular night tv..don't have time for it, but will watch PBS specials,craft shows, house decor shows,etc in the day if have time( Thank goodness for VCR's). Do enjoy the old movies on AMC.

MUSIC: Depends on my mood for the day but do listen to the oldies the most-the Kinks,Beatles,Neil Diamond. some classic rock but only certain groups-Fleetwood Mac my favorite. I enjoy jazz and classical also.

CANDY: Reeses Peanut Butter cups, Heath bars and licorice!

FLAVORS: lemon and tart things that makes my face scrunch up-love a good dill pickle for a snack.

I COLLECT: hearts of any shape and any kind, rubber stamps, and David Winter cottages, when I have extra money(does two count as a collection?) I also collect all old Church manuels for some reason, I have quite a few in my storage room collecting dust.

FAVORITE DINNER TO MAKE: Rice dishes, since we all like rice.Broccoli and rice and Fried Rice being my family's favorite


FAVORITE HOME DECOR STYLE: hmm...Queen Anne style but not in the house I have now :) French Provincial is another but, I guess I better stick with the country and some antiques. Have a little European look in one room.