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Rubber Treasures




Supplies needed:

Card stock, pencil, scissors, ruler,scoring tool, x-acto knife, cutting mat (optional), glue, ink pads, markers, and your favorite rubberstamps.

1. Start with 3 pieces of card stock all measuring 4 1/4” x 5 1/2” (postcard size. Label them lightly with a pencil A, B, & C.

2. On card B (center) you will need to cut two 1/2” strips along both sides. Save these two strips for later use. Card B is the center piece that pulls up. You will need to trim a small amount off one long edge of this piece so that it will slide easily. You can stamp a design or words on the top half of this piece.

3. On card C (top) you need to measure in 3/4” on all sides. Score the top and bottom lines. Cut the two side lines. Valley fold (fold towards center of card) the 2 scored lines.

4. Line up card A and C. Cut a half circle shape at the top of both pieces.

5. Glue the two 1/2” strips previously cut from card B, onto card A along the edge.

6. Draw a light pencil line in the center of card C between the two scored lines. You can now stamp your image into this section. Make sure that half of the image is above the center pencil line. (Tip: you can also score pencil line all the way across, fold, then mount a stamped cut-out image onto this section). You now need to cut around the top of the stamped image using your x-acto knife. Score on sides of the image along the pencil lines. Finish stamping the front of the card.

7. Card A is the back of the card. You can stamp the bottom 3” of this card with words or design. (NOTE: When card C is glued on top of card A, there will be a 3/4” border on non-stamped area on both sides of card A). 

8. After all the stamping is done, you are ready to glue the 3 cards together. Glue card C to B at the bottom, making sure to center it. Now glue these two cards to card A along the 1/2” strips. Let dry completely before you try to pull the card up.

For further information, please email

Cheryl Hemingway, Close To My Heartฎ Consultant