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50 Ways to Use Stamps in the Classroom

1.       Use TJ and Whitney's message and the teacher's set for name tags for the children.

2.       Posters - student of the week!

3.       Take adding machine tape and stamp on it, then send it through the crimper and it makes a great border for bulletin boards.

4.       Name tags for each childīs desk and decorate with the teacher super set.

5.       Stamp the camera on blue for boys and pink for girls, then take each of the students pictures and put them in it, laminate them, then when they displayed their work or art, put their picture beside it.

6.       Parent Helper Thank you cards

7.       Bookmarks - to encourage reading!!!

8.       Hall passes

9.       Paper grading - using the Teacher's super set

10.    Valentines

11.    Worksheets

12.    Magnets - just laminate and use self adhesive strips on the back.

13.    Stick pins

14.    Calendars - the calendar cuties are great for this!

15.    Certificates

16.    Parent notes

17.    The clock face works well, laminated and using the pencil and crayon from the teacher's set to have each kid have their own clock to learn to tell time on. If it is laminated, they can write the time on the bottom and erase....with dry erase markers. (Use a brad to hold together)

18.    Flash Cards

19.    Bingo Games

20.    Gifts for Room Helpers

21.    Task Cards

22.    Newsletters

23.    Free time activity

24.    Birthday cards or gifts

25.    Classroom library cards

26.    Create a Classroom scrapbook with the children - documenting the year

27.    Take them home and use them too!!

28.    Graduation cards - kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school!

29.    Welcome back cards

30.    Gifts and cards for the Principal

31.    Quiet Books

32.    Book Covers

33.    Stamp up lunch sacks

34.    Have the children create cards for their parents

35.    Stamp clock faces

36.    Pencil cans

37.    Bag toppers for any occasion

38.    Lollypop pokes

39.    Plant pokes

40.    Name tags for the teachers

41.    Awards

42.    Christmas cards or gifts

43.    Alphabet charts to help the younger ones learn to read.

44.    Use super set stamps as incentives for accomplishments.

45.    Make a scrapbook for the principal with each class doing a page OR

46.    Have each child create a scrapbook page to take home.

47.    Decorate French fry boxes and fill them with Halloween candy for the kids.

48.    Growth charts to track the growth of classroom plants or pets

49.    Using the school bound stamp - make a bus pass so each child knows which bus they ride.

50.  Using any of the number sets - make math flash cards!!


For further information, please email

Cheryl Hemingway, Close To My HeartŪ Consultant