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Hello, my name is Ransom!

I am eight years old and I'm in second grade.  My mom is helping me create my own web site and I hope it has lots of good stuff on it that you will enjoy.

   My favorite movie these days is Star Wars, but you probably already figured that out!  My dad took me to see all the Star War movies last summer, and them my mom bought them for my dad and I for Christmas.  We really enjoy watching them together.  I hope you like the music

   My family are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In May turned eight years old and I was baptised. I'm reading the Book of Mormon with my mom and dad, and I'm trying to memorize some of the scriptures.  My mom wants me to memorize the scriptures about Nephi. She likes him because he was obedient to his parents.
   This is my sister, Elie.

   I am thankful for my little sister, Elie.  She is funny and she has curly hair.  Elie can talk well.  She laughs a lot.  She is a happy little girl.  She likes to play with her rocking horse and her dolls. Her best friends are Rebecca, Sarah, and Jacob.

   Elie doesn't call me by my name Ransom.  She calls me Rockey.

   Elie likes to eat popcorn, cookies, yogurt, poptarts and cheese.  She likes to be hugged and cuddles.
   In February my oldest brother, R.J., came home from his missionary service for the Church.  He served his mission in Hawaii.  R.J. lived with us over the summer, and now he is living in Idaho where he is going to college.
   I go to school in Delaware and my teachers are Mrs. Sue Beeson and Mrs. Maureen Malinowski.  They are really great teachers and they know how to make learning fun!  My favorite subject in school is Math.  I'm pretty good at it too, for a 3rd grader.
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