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Rubber Treasures



All of these kits have been designed with YOU in mind.  You pick out the stamps of YOUR choice to get you going!  It’s that easy!!   Please ask me about special pricing on kits.  Prices shown are retail value.


Kit #1  Basic Beginnings

True Black Archival Stamp Pad and Stamp Cleaner

Memory Pencils (Earth colors, Primary colors, or Pastel colors)

Paper Sampler

Total          $18.65


Kit #2  Basics with Chalk

CTMH Black inkpad

Light Confetti Assortment (15 cards/envies)

Soft Chalks pg.

Soft Chalks Eraser

Total         $30.10


Kit #3  Fun with Marker

Regular White cards & envelopes

6 CTMH markers

Prisma Glitter

D.O.T.S. Glue Pen

Total          $33.85


Elegant Embossing

Embossing Set:                                                        Total         $13.95
(This set is for beginners or those who want a compact portable embossing kit.  It includes an embossing pad and four bottles of embossing powder (1/2 oz. each).  This embossing pad is specially formulated to stay wet for up to an hour.  The embossing powder colors included are:  Clear, Black, Silver, Gold)

Embossing Heat Tool                                               Total          $34.95


Kit #5   Dry Embossing/Stenciling

Embossing Tool

2 Individual Stencils

1 Fun Shapes

Elegant Stencil

1 CTMH 12x12 Page Stencil

Light Table

Total        39.35



When buying stamps, think of what you will be making most:  birthday cards, holiday occasion cards or something to use in your scrapbooks.  This is a great way to get started without being overwhelmed.  How many birthday cards do you buy in one year???  This may be a great place to start perfecting your stamping!


For further information, please email

Cheryl Hemingway, Close To My Heart® Consultant