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Rubber Treasures



Celebrating 10 Years!

Time flies when you're having fun.  Well, ten years of stamping and scrapbooking have certainly flown by!  In ten years, Jeanette R. Lynton -- founder, president and artist - has grown Dot Adventures Inc. from a 6'x6' closet into a multi-million dollar business!  In celebration of her success and the triumphs and achievements of all our wonderful Consultants and employees who have helped the company reach this important milestone, she is unveiling a new corporate name --

For 10 years now you've known us as D.O.T.S. (Dozens of Terrific Stamps) -- the premiere producer of rubber stamps and supreme quality papers, inks and other stamping tools.  You've known Jeanette's hand-drawn designs and you've taken them into your homes, hearts and albums.  You've been inspired and have in turn inspired the company.  You may also recall four years ago, when Jeanette announced Close to My Heart -- an exclusive line of scrapbooking products -- that added a new dimension to the Dot Adventures companies and the services we render.  Its success has been phenomenal.  With the ABC Scrapbook Program and exclusive product lines, the industry has not been the same since.

The success and warmth of the Close to My Heart name -- and all it represents -- has inspired the company to make our name consistent with the feelings we have for the Consultants, our customers, employees and our business -- they are all close to our hearts.

We hope you, as friends of DD.O.T.S. -- and now friends of Close To My Heart -- will embrace this new name as we have, and let us continue to serve you and provide ways for you to create your best and be your best.

Here's to another great ten years together!