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Bonding Memories Scrapbook Adhesive
or you can use a Xyron

1)  Glitter card:    This card is so basic, yet it is absolutely stunning when it is finished. You take a glossy card, and stamp it up as you wish. I don't stamp my sentiment on it though - just the design. I have done two cards with this so far: one was a Creative Roses card. Randomly stamp the roses in carnation pink, and the leaves in Garden green. Fill in the "white spaces" with the flower and leaf from the "Little Sprinkles" set. Next, cut your scrapbook adhesive to cover just the front of the card. Peel the back backing off and adhere to the card. Then peel the front "backing" off. Now sprinkle prisma glitter on the card to cover the entire card front. Tap off the excess and put it back into the bottle. Now turn your card face down on paper, and rub your hand over the back of the card. This will give the adhesive a real firm "hold" onto the glitter. Put a bow at the top of the card and you are finished. I have also made this card with Fruit of the Vine using heather and garden green ink. It is stunning.

2) You can use the same technique as above on our glossy pillow boxes. When you have finished your box and filled it, tie it off with a white "gauzy" ribbon that has silver threads running through it. The silver threads pick up the glitter and the box just sparkles. This would make an exceptional wedding favor.

3) Cut narrow strips of the adhesive and you can use it to edge a card with glitter. Or, if you are making a card to send to someone other than a customer, you can adhere that beautiful gold leaf to the edge. WOW!

4) Color a wide strip on the inside bottom edge of a top fold card. Layer a strip of the adhesive and adhere it over the color. On the outside of the card, punch hearts or any other decorative punch border that you wish. The glittered band on the inside will reveal itself through to the outside and this gives a lovely bottom decorative band.

5) You can stamp an image, cut it out, and adhere it to a piece of the s/b adhesive. Pull off the backing, and it will peal away all of the adhesive that isn't making contact with your cut out image. (just like a Xyron).  sprinkle your glitter.

6) Do you just love those cards that Xyron shows to sell their machine? Well, you can make them with this adhesive. Take a piece of the adhesive and cover a card front with it. Next lay on a piece of fabric lace. Sprinkle your
prisma glitter. Shake off and recover the leftover glitter. Now, peel off the lace (it will remove very easily), and now sprinkle little tiny beads. They will adhere to the areas that the glitter is not stuck to, and you will have this beautiful lace pattern. This IS an expensive card to make though because the beads and the glitter really add up quick.

7) If you like the idea of the lace card, but don't want to buy colored beads, just stamp a card front with one of our lace stamps in your favorite color. Adhere the adhesive, sprinkle the glitter and you will have a very similar look.

8) Do you like to work with our "fun flock"? Take a piece of the adhesive and adhere it to c/s. Sprinkle the fun flock on it, and "iron" it on for good contact using a rolling pin. Now you can stamp directly on the fun flock.  Stamp a bear or cat, cut it out, and your ready to go! (You might want to use Fabrico ink with this since felt really is a fabric and you'll get a more permanent image)

9) Do you like to do paper piecing? No problem with the Scrapbook Adhesive.  Just cut your adhesive to the appropriate size, cut your pieces and start assembling your "quilted" design.

10) Those "tissue" cards that everyone just loves can be done with this adhesive too. I have used it to make a "butterfly" card. I stamped the white tissue paper with "baby powder" Kalaidacolor pad. Wrinkled up the tissue into
a ball. Flattened it out again and adhered to the adhesive - be sure to leave wrinkles in the paper. This makes a GREAT background - and even better, you can use this in your scrapbooks, because AFTER ALL, it IS scrapbook adhesive.

11) Those "tissue cards" are beautiful, but I like them even more using Mulberry Paper. One of the prettiest cards I've made with this technique was stamped on the Oatmeal Mulberry paper. I used Fruit of the Vine and stamped
in Vineyard Berry and New England Ivy. Crumbled up the paper into a ball, flattened it out again (leaving wrinkles in it) and adhered it to the adhesive. ABSOLUTELY stunning card - very "fallish".

12) It's great for layering punched art, collage art, strips of paper, etc. Really, anything you can do with a Xyron can be done with the Scrapbook adhesive.

13) stamp on tissue, crumble up, apply to adhesive and then adhere to a clay pot!

14) use to to adhere fabric to a card, clay pot, plastic egg, the front of your scrapbook (the official use of it).

15) make your own stickers 

16) adhere a design to a candle. Stamp it on tissue, color, adhere to candle, and then DIP the candle in melted clear wax to completely seal the design.

17) ok - this is going a bit far, but it is an actual use that I'm planning.  It'll take a lot of adhesive though. I want to decorate the end panels of my bookshelf that holds my stamping books and magazines. I'm planning to stamp
on mulberry paper, wrinkle it up, and then apply it to the side panels.

18) use it to adhere fabric to fabric. Kind of like iron on inner-facing, but stronger. Imagine the cute clothes you could decorate for your kids or YOU!


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